What are the One.Surgery community awards?

There is a dire and urgent need to scale up surgical care around the world. Every day, millions of people across the world are unable to access or afford essential, life saving surgical procedures. Thankfully, in every country, in every community, are heroes dedicating their lives – in multiple disciplines, and in different ways, to tackle this problem together. The One.Surgery community awards aims to acknowledge these contributions by asking the community to acknowledge and award excellence in this field of global surgery.

How will the awards be decided?

Award winners will be nominated by, and voted for by the global surgery community. Although the precise terms and conditions have yet to be established, the principle of these awards will always be that it is community supported.

What are the possible award categories?

We aim to develop monthly and annual awards for the best research contribution to the global surgery sphere – voted for by the community.
An award to the best contributors to the One Surgery platform, starting with the best writers in the Voices of One Surgery publication.
Heart of Gold
Celebrating the unsung heroes on the front line of global surgical care – not just clinicians, but all relevant stakeholders, from hospital staff, to carers, industry and supporting services.

What are the awards?

Non-fungible tokens of certification
Award winners will receive official certification of their award, in PDF format, as well as an exclusive token on the Bitcoin Cash network, identifying the recipient as the owner of the one-of-a-kind award.
With our amazing One.Surgery shop and merchandise, we hope award winners may win an exclusive T-shirt or artwork from our stores.
Bitcoin Cash
With the kindness of our sponsors, we hope to distribute an award to include a nominal amount of Bitcoin Cash, to say thank you, as well as help to develop our cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Sponsorship opportunities

We are currently looking for partners within the BCH ecosystem to contribute to the prize fund. Partners will have exclusive branding opportunities within One Surgery Awards program, including naming of awards, being documented in the NFT tokens, or further collaboration opportunities.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) love

One.Surgery believes in sustaining ourselves in order to succeed. We are seeking mutually beneficial partnerships for sustainable and long term development with those sharing the same vision as us. To further support our crypto model, one can purchase merchandise in our shop using cryptocurrency, or leave a tip on our community blog to allow us to continue rewarding bloggers. However, if you really do want to donate BCH to our overall One.Surgery project and push us towards further success, we simply won’t say no! For collaborative enquiries, please contact us at admin@one.surgery. Thank you! Here’s our BCH wallet address: