After successfully producing our first eleven issues, we call for articles for our twelfth issue, titled “The Network Effect”. In this issue, we aim to discuss the growing global surgery movement and how our network is expanding, reaching further and faster to deliver safe, surgical care across the world.

Voices of One Surgery is a free, periodical, not-for-profit magazine dedicated to global surgery and is part of the One Surgery project.  One Surgery is run by a growing international team passionate about surgery and improving standards of care worldwide.

We aim to unite and promote the advocacy efforts for global surgery by providing a platform for sharing ideas, projects and stories. Through a combination of story-telling, interviews and web technology, we aim to address the plight of unequal access to surgical care.

If you are passionate about the global surgery movement, have unique stories, projects or ideas to share with the world, please send a full article to no later than the 15th April, 2021 23:59 GMT.


We aim to represent as many voices as possible from all over the world. Medical and allied health students, anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians, nurses, global surgery advocates, public health professionals, patients or anyone with an interest, passion or experience in global surgery are all welcome to submit articles.


Commentaries, op-eds, infographics or photo essays focusing on the theme issue “The Network Effect”. 

The incoming articles need to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Clearly defined brief title.

2. Up to 1000 word body text.

3. Profile picture, brief resume and email address of the author.

4. Clear, high-resolution photographs supporting the article.

5. Our style aims to be easy reading that is inviting to the general public as well as engaging to healthcare professionals.

6. Avoidance of controversy including discussing any political topics that may cause unrest, or any offensive, negative material.

7. Permission from relevant stakeholders involved in the article should be obtained.

8. References supporting your article wherever needed. [AMA style]

Submissions do not have to conform to the given theme. If you have stories or ideas outside our theme for the next issue, feel free to share it with us. We consider all voices for global surgery! For more details or to read our previous publications, visit:

In case of queries, write to us at:


Your submission or proposal will be reviewed by the editorial team. If accepted, an in-house editing process will take place and the article will be carefully drafted.

The draft will be then returned back to the author to ensure approval for publication. Authors will have full freedom to withdraw  consent during this preparation time. Once the publication is formally published, the magazine will be distributed under a creative commons license and free to share for non-commercial use. Once published, we may not be able to retract it from the world wide web.

All authors will receive a certificate of appreciation from One.Surgery for their published article.


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